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Big Brother X was the first Competition Blind Date network show.

It features contestants living in a secluded house, avoiding elimination from the viewing public and from their fellow contestants.

The series was hosted by reporter Michelle Rahn, who would later win Love Game.

The show had 11 official seasons. A twelveth season was in development, but instead Gentleman's School Season 3 formed from it.

  • Season 1. Winner:Franz Devilles
  • Season 2. Winner:Abdul Marchon
  • Season 3. Winner:Jessica Riverton
  • Season 4. Winner:Tanya Lopez
  • Season 5. Winner:Julia Jenkison
  • Season 6. Winner:Waldo Long & Angelica Rodriguez
  • Season 7. Winner:Ashen Williams, Saul Deanda & Sam Moltra
  • Season 8. Winner:Icee and Isis Bruchet
  • Season 9. Winner:Sierra Stanton
  • Season 10. Winner:Geraldine Marrington
  • Season 11. Winner:Mouri Park

The following contestants of Big Brother X, went onto other shows.

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