Original Programming
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Still In Production
*Heteroqueer (2008-)
*Gentleman's School (2008-)
*Extreme Challenge (2009-)

On Hiatus
*Murder Mystery (2013-2017)

No Longer In Production
*Big Brother X (2002-2011)
*Competition Blind Date:The Series (2004-2010)
*7 Gays In L.A. (2007-2008)
*The Color Green (2008-2009)
*Molly's World (2011-2012)
*Apollo's Love Game (2011)
*Love Game (2011)
*Andy Dick Gets Played (2012)
*Naomi's Love Game (2013)

Cancelled Shows
This List is incomplete as it's unknown as to the complete list of shows which were rejected or never aired

Second Run Programming
Please note, this list is incomplete.

  • Blind Date
    *Extreme Dating
    *Street Smarts
    *Strip Poker
    *The Bachelor
    *The Bachelorette
    *Love Connection
    *The Real World
    *Road Rules
    *The Challenge
    *Room Raiders
    *Beavis and Butthead
    *Saturday Night Live
    *MAD TV
    *Wild N' Out
    *The Simpsons
    *Unsolved Mysteries
    *Forensic Files
    *Mystery Science Theater 3000
    *The Brady Bunch
    *The Partridge Family
    *Small Wonder
    *Diffren't Strokes
    *Love Boat
    *Supermarket Sweep
    *Shop Til You Drop
    *Big Brother
    *The Amazing Race
    *The Mole
    *The Benefactor
    *The Apprentice
    *The Biggest Loser
    *American Gladiators
    *Legends Of The Hidden Temple
    *Flavor Of Love
    *I Love New York
    *I Love Money
    *I'm A Celebrity:Get Me Out Of Here
    *American Idol
    *The Voice
    *The X Factor
    *Shark Tank
    *Trading Spaces
    *Cupcake Wars
    *My Strange Addiction
    *Extreme Cheapskates

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