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Extreme Challenge is a show which was originally intended as an experiment to bring male and female Competition Blind Date series contestants together in an all-star battle, has now become one of CBD's most successful programs.

The main premise of Extreme challenge is that contestants compete in teams, and/or individually in extreme mental and physical challenges, also competing in elimination type rounds.

All contestants on Extreme Challenge (with the exceptions of season 2 and 3) have all been on a previous CBD show.

As of Season 4, men only compete in Extreme Challenge. Also in that same season, a twist called "Limbo" allows for contestants to return to the game.

Extreme Challenge seasons 1-6, all aired during late winter, Spring or in the Summer. Season 7 is set to be the first ever fall/early winter season of Extreme Challenge.


Season 1:Male and female CBD contestants compete in teams of four. Elimination rounds are gender segregated.

Season 2:Male and female contestants compete individually. Elimination rounds are gender segregated. Two brand new contestants revealed.

Season 3:Same format as season 2.

Season 4:Men from this point only compete. Four team format is returned. Limbo twist is introduced.

Season 5:Same format as season 4. Limbo twist not used.

Season 6:Same format as seasons 4-5. Limbo twist is used.

Season 7:TBA

Seasons 1 and 2 were hosted by Tony Hawk. Season 3 was hosted by J.D. Roth. Season 4 was hosted by Steve-O. Season 5 was originally hosted by Steve-O, but early into the season due to personal matters, Steve-O withdrew himself as host, and Jim Breuer became host. Season 6 was hosted by Mark Moses.

CBD Announced in May 2019, that Extreme Challenge will air it's first ever fall/winter season in late 2019. Bill Nye will serve as host.


Season # Year Number of Contestants Winner Runner Up
1 2009 60

(30 Male and 30 Female)

Tyler Oakley (Male)
Molly Naruth-Porter (Female)
Mark Vignon (Male)
Alisa "Alcohol" Reyes (Female)
2 2010 30

(15 Male and 15 Female)

Marcus Christopher Neithersmith (Male)
Christine Samson (Female)
Alexen Bronso (Male)
Mary Huntington (Female)
3 2011 Hans Anvrikson (Male)
Chancitie Lee (Female)
Ian Bernardo (Male)
Stella "Stone" Stoney (Female)
4 2014 68 Marcus Christopher Neithersmith Andy Wong
Tymain Brown
5 2015 66 Joshua "Josh" Harriman Carlos "Cutter" Hernandez
Peter "Paco" Mongrotti
6 2017 80 Matthew Rodriguez Macsen "Mac" Tireson
Billy Ivoti
7 2019 68 Vinny Ohner Newman Nenson
Austin Clementine