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Gentleman's School is a competition based program. The show has men live in a confined house competing in different tasks and challenges as an individual. The guy who reigns supreme over the others, wins a cash prize.

The first season is also technically the fifth season of Competition Blind Date:The Series collective, as well. However the following Gentleman's School seasons, are not apart of it.


Season 1 and 2:In the first season, contestants from the first and fourth seasons of CBD the series, and in the season season, past contestants from any CBD show, compete in challenges. The winners are safe from elimination. The losers are are risk of being eliminated. The judges would then eliminate the contestant(s). In the final round, the judges will select a winner.

Season 3 and 4:Contestants would be split in half from veteran players of Competition Blind Date, to new players of competition blind date. Contestants would compete in the head boy challenge where the head boy will nominate contestants to be at risk for elimination. A safety challenge would then be played where the winner could take himself or another contestant off the elimination block. The viewing audience would then vote for who gets eliminated. The final round, the viewers vote for who they want to win.

In the second part of the fourth season, contestants still at risk after the eliminator, would participate in an elimination challenge. The winner would be picked through a final challenge.

Season 5-6:All new contestants play the identical game to the second half of the fourth season.

It was hosted/judged by Comedians Ant and Greg Proops in season one. Sociologist Steve Ward joined them in season 2. Writer Seth Killian joined them in season three.

As of season 4, Gentleman School has no host. Instead producers act as a voice over throughout the game.


Season # Year Number of Contestants Winner Runner Up
1 2008 21 Mark Longwood Scott Kaper
2 2010 32 Harvey Lavichio Marcel Vigneron
3 2012 33 Craig Barnes Ken Virtue
4 2014 34 Miles Rodriguez Shawn Everette
5 2016 27 Nate Richards Todd Tangrate
Dijon Watkins
6 2019 35 Edward Wong Sanjay Rupta
Troy Alson