Heteroqueer, is an competition based program. The show which over the years has gone through many format changes, but still keeps one simple agenda; Men from different walks of life compete in physical and mental challenges in order to win a cash prize.

Contestants in the beginning of the game are put into teams, who are gradually eliminated as the season progresses, while towards the end of the game, contestants play as individuals.

As of Season 11, contestants on Heteroqueer, and every other CBD show, must be 21 and older. With contestants outside of the United States having to be at least 22. This rule was made as many Heteroqueer contestants who were under 21, that were drinking. This rule has sparked minor controversy on either side.


Heteroqueer is a competition show that has gay, straight, bisexual and in some cases transgender men competing as teams and as individuals to win a cash prize.

Each season starts off with a challenge that eliminates a few of the contestants.

Shortly after that another challenge or method picks team members and colors for the season.

Teams are eliminated by a variety of ways, but most typically, teams that lose a challenge are at risk of being eliminated and sent to the eliminator.

The eliminator is a challenge which requires teams or an individual to pass it, or if not they are eliminated from the game.

In seasons 1-2, contestants would compete as teams, as the game got to it's final rounds, the game became individual and only one person would win based on a final challenge.

In seasons 3-6, contestants would compete as teams, as the game got to it's final rounds, the game is split between two groups of guys based on them being gay or straight or bisexual. Past players would then vote on which guy they wanted to win.

In seasons 8-11, seasons 13-14, and season 16, contestants would compete as teams, as the game got to it's final rounds, the game is split between two groups of guys based on them being gay or straight or bisexual. A person from each group would win based on a final challenge.

With the exception of the seventh, twelfth, and seventeenth seasons which copied an Extreme Challenge format, and the exception of fifteenth season, which had a dynamic unique format, in addition the exception of season seven and fifteen which all the contestants knew each other, and certain seasons to where contestants are competing with a loved one, every season has brand new contestants.

The show as hosted by actor J.D. Roth for seasons 1-8. It was hosted by actor Joe Rogan for seasons 9-12. It was hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky for seasons 13-16. Bert Kreischer became the current host.

Heteroqueer is celebrating it's 10th anniversary by having a special season with a completely new format in 2018 called, Battle of the Favorites. It will consist of 44 past Heteroqueer contestants that have never won.

Heteroqueer was announced in May 2018, that it was granted at least 18 seasons by production affiliate companies.


Season # Year Number of Contestants Number of Teams Winner Runner Up
1 2008 24 10 Kareem Jones Matthew Rodriguez
2 Jonathan Harlem James Cho
3 2009 Nick Mitchell
Peterson Jacobs
Rocky Martinez
Tyrie Nielson
4 30 14 Logan Newberry
Lyle Newberry
Mark Harples
Marshall Obst
5 2010 13 Eduardo Reyes
Jacob Hassan
Arthur Anderson
Thai Rivera
6 2011 16 Andrew Ford
Kurt Colier
Cole Sebelia
Marcus Akin
7:Allstars 2012 45 4 John "Junior" Loretto Nick Mitchell
8 2013 44 18 Marcal Delvon
Stanislav Bruvinksy
Byron Bush
Rich Young
9 21 Gabriel Rose
Shawn Melendez
Chris Perez
Jacob Tropper
Omar Perez
Troy Carrigan
10 2014 53 23 Aaron Baker
Charlie Gildon
Brock Brown
Lee Dinker
Mario Sanchez
Yoshi Lee
11 2015 44 20 Butch Razio
Frank DeFeo
Darren Carnegie
Russell Sine
Scott Rusher
Xavier Venti
12:Blood Vs. Water 2016 4 Brian Josecki Emil Reggel
Xavier Patterson
13 20 David Albatross
Toshi Song Kim
Mario Ringali
Morty Cor
Nick Jackson
Terry Anderson
14 2017 Cameron Lewko
Josh Caruso
Arin Watanabe
Bernie Melendez
Deon Watkins
Jeremy Watson
15:Battle of the Favorites 2018 11 Rocky Martinez
Finn McCrough
Liam Wood
Jimmy Johnson
Ken Vocos
Brendan Young
Marvin Rose
Brody McHelen

Robbie Gramberson

16 2019 21 Antoine Silverman
Rusty Sims
Rex Van Pelt
Vinny Ohner
Ralph Powers
Arjay Williamson
17:Blood Vs. Water 2 2020 4 TBA TBA
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