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Heteroqueer Battle of The Favorites, is the fifthteenth season of Heteroqueer. Paying homage to honor the 10th anniversary of Heteroqueer. Like Season 7 allstars, It will feature 44 past Heteroqueer (and Heteroqueer only) contestants that have never won a season of Heteroqueer before, and were memorable to viewers to deserve another chance at competing in one of the most extreme and difficult Heteroqueer seasons ever.

The season will be filmed in The Hollywood Hills starting May 2018.

Originally intending to be the shortest Heteroqueer season so far, it was later extended to much more episodes.

It was won by Ronald "Rocky" Martinez, Finn McCrough, and Liam Wood.

This season was hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky.


Name Age Season Or. El. Location Occupation Eliminated
Alan Jeffries 38 2 7th Long Beach, CA Music Teacher
Broshon "Bambi" Clover 29 4 5th New York, NY Retail Sales
Brendan Young 28 11 9th Orlando, FL Personal Trainer
Brody McHelen 23 14 6th Garden Grove, CA Fashion Student
Cameron Wilhelm 29 12 10th Anaheim, CA Personal Trainer
Chase Lew 29 3 3rd Detroit, MI Graphic Designer
Chris Perez 49 9 2nd Miami, FL General Practician
Daniel Johnson McCrough 28 11 20th Pittsburgh, PA Waiter
Dorian Estevez 28 14 6th Phoenix, AZ Corrections Officer
Ezra Longwood 24 11 11th San Diego, CA Political Student
Finn McCrough 33 11 20th Pittsburgh, PA Chef
Grey Dohanue 22 10 20th Chicago, IL Chemist Student
Harry Daniels 34 6 7th Richmond, VA Mechanic
Jimmy Johnson 45 13 22nd Indianapolis, IN Pizza Hut Manager
Ken Vocos 39 8 7th San Jose, CA Wilderness Survivalist
Kevin LaSalle 26 8 3rd Los Angeles, CA Performance Artist
Larry Edison 26 12 18th Long Beach, CA Outdoor Store Owner
Liam Wood 27 12 13th Los Alamitos, CA Skateboarder
Manuel Sagspasbterian 39 1 13th Long Beach, CA Teacher
Marcus Akin 44 6 2nd Los Angeles, CA Stock Brocker
Mark Vignon 39 1 2nd Phoenix, AZ Entertainment Sales
Mario Ringali 32 13 2nd Los Angeles, CA Auto Manufacturer
Marvin Rose 29 14 17th San Francisco, CA Mechanic
Matthew Fashion 31 2 8th Las Vegas, NV Fashion Designer
Milo Washington 28 14 4th Seattle, WA Bartender
Mitchell Langham 34 9 16th Dallas, TX Real Estate Agent
Morty Cor 29 13 3rd Burbank, CA Video Game Developer
Matt "Muse" Meyer 31 6 15th Milwaukee, WI Music Therapist
Omar Perez 26 9 2nd Miami, FL Physical Therapist
Robbie Gramberson 27 12 16th Los Angeles, CA Retail Trader
Ronald "Rocky" Martinez 34 3 2nd Los Angeles, CA Club/Bar Promoter
Santos Gomez 29 6 5th San Francisco, CA Fashion Designer
Simeon "Star" Delvont 28 4 3rd Los Angeles, CA Photographer
Stevenson Snell 46 8 12th Torrance, CA Gym Teacher
Terry Anderson 26 13 2nd Laguna Nigel, CA Computer Programmer
Tony Martivelli 38 2 6th Trenton, NJ Construction Worker
Timmy "Twitch" Tonnegan 29 2 12th Los Angeles, CA Graphic Designer
Wally Annenberg 27 10 23rd Huntington Beach, CA Sportswear Sales
Yosef Nondgren 26 14 20th Los Angeles, CA Yoga Instructor
Yoshi Lee 26 10 3rd Buena Park, CA Jewelry Sales
Arty Chrunder 35 1 7th Los Angeles, CA Chef Episode 1
Brad Loehke 39 8 15th Boston, MA Writer Episode 1
Jody Jennings 25 13 4th Trenton, NJ Receptionist Episode 1
Michael "Mike" Jennings 45 13 9th Trenton, NJ Private Accountant Episode 1