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Heteroqueer Season 17, Blood Vs. Water 2 is the seventeenth season of Heteroqueer.

It is the second time, the "Blood Vs. Water" subtitle is used on Heteroqueer. The show will follow an Extreme Challenge format, and contestants will enter the game with a loved one (being a brother, father/son, or spouse) .

Bert Kreischer became the new host of Heteroqueer, and this will be his first season.


Name Age Location Occupation Team Eliminated

Elimination Table

     The contestant was the Winner.
     The contestant was the Runner-Up.
     The contestant/team won that episodes challenge and/or was immune from the eliminator/elimination.
     The contestant/team did not win that episodes challenge, but wasn't voted into the eliminator.
     The contestant won the eliminator.
     The contestant lost the eliminator and was eliminated.
     The contestant was eliminated outside of the eliminator.
     The contestant left the game on their own accord.
Contestants Episodes