Heteroqueer (Season 2)

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The second season of Heteroquer premiered directly after the first in the summer of 2008.

It was hosted by J.D. Roth.

It was won by Jonathan Harlem, who passed away in 2011.


  • Teams were used in rounds 1-7. In Rounds 8-12, it was an individual game.
  • (*), means bribed out of game.
Position Team/Individual Guy Gay Against
Name Hometown Name Hometown
13th Red Rubio Reyes Key West, FL Alister Johansen Yuma, AZ Orange
12th Purple Jessie Godderz Whittier, CA Timmy "Twitch" Tonnegon Calgary, Canada Blue
11th Pink Keith Richardson Topeka, KS Eric Costas Netherlands Blue
10th Brown Douglass Maxson Brooklyn, NY Martin Forsycthe Dallas, TX Orange
9th Yellow Tom Sopp Huntington Beach, CA Lance Potts Long Beach, CA Orange
8th White Travis Woodbury St. Louis, MO Matthew Fashion Las Vegas, NV Blue
  • 7th
Black Alan Jeffries Long Beach, CA Victor LaViolette Newfoundland, Canada Orange
6th Orange Tony Martivelli Trenton, NJ David
5th Green Dick Moll Richmond, VA David
4th Orange David Martins Seattle, WA James
3rd Blue Richard Neithersmith Astoria, OR James
2nd Green James Cho Anaheim, CA Jonathan
1st Blue Johnathan Harlem Pittsburgh, PA
  • 4 Players Were Eliminated Before Team Assigns. These 4 Players Ended Up Not Having A Team So They were eliminated.
No Team Eliminations
Guy Gay
Name Hometown Name Hometown
Billy Scarborough Montgomery, AL Joshua Smith Chicago, IL
Mack Greene St. Louis, MO Jaqu Vichet Germany

Contestants appeared in the following shows

Contestant Other Shows Competed In Placement
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