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Murder Mystery, is a Competition Blind Date show, where past CBD players compete in a game of skill in a murder mystery type format.

A contestant is chosen by the producer as the killer, and the killer secretly choses contestants to play in the killers challenge. To where those who do not win the killers challenge, are eliminated or killed off the show. Before each killers challenge is the black box challenge. Nobody, (including the killer) is immune from the black box. The winner of the black box secretly chooses who to give the black box to. They are immediately eliminated and killed off the show. After the black box challenge, is the killers challenge. The killer is immune from the killers challenge, but they can volunteer themselves into the killers challenge to avoid further suspicion on them.

The last contestant standing wins.

Although Jon Waters acted as a promotional guest host in Season 1, Murder Mystery has no host. Instead a voice over acts as a guide for the show to the contestants.

In season 1, females were allowed to compete.

This marks the last time females have been able to participate in

In subsequent seasons, men only competed.