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The Color Green, is a dating game show where musician Billy Joe Armstrong, has men and women competing to be his partner.

The show ran for two seasons. Season one ran in 2008. Season two ran in 2009. Season 1 was won by Naomi Jackson. Season 2 was won by Stone Gilbrator. Billy is with his wife Adrienne Armstrong.

It was hosted by his friend and band mate, Tre Cool.

Season 1

Billy's callout order
# Contestants Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 *Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8 *Ep 9 Ep 10 Ep 11 Ep 12 Ep 13 Ep 14 Ep 15
1 Amador Amador Andy Adrienne Adrienne Adrienne Adrienne Adrienne Airrick Adrienne Adrienne Adrienne Andy Apollo Apollo Naomi
2 Andy Andy Apollo Andy Andy Andy Airrick Airrick Andy Airrick Andy Andy Apollo David Naomi Apollo
3 Apollo Apollo Ayla Apollo Apollo Apollo Andy Andy Apollo Andy Apollo Apollo David Naomi David
4 April April Benjamin Ayla Benjamin Brittney Apollo Apollo Brittney Apollo Brittney David Naomi Andy
5 Ashley Ashley Brittney Benjamin Brittney Chancitie Brittney Brittney David Brittney David Naomi Adrienne
6 Ayla Ayla Chancitie Brittney Chancitie Joey Chancitie Chancitie Naomi Chancitie Naomi Britney
7 Benjamin Benjamin Corey Chancitie Jamie Naomi David David Adrienne David Airrick
8 Brittney Brittney Danielle Corey Joey Benjamin Joey Naomi Chancitie Naomi Chancitie
9 Carol Chancitie Dave Danielle Mackenzie Mackenzie Lauren Lauren
10 Chancitie Corey Dick Jamie Naomi Jamie Naomi Joey
11 Chet Danielle Jamie Joey Ayla
12 Corey Dave Joey Mackenzie Corey
13 Danielle Dick Mackenzie Naomi Danielle
14 Dave Gena Naomi Zac Zac
15 Dick Ghost Shanda Dave
16 Gena Joey Tyani Dick
17 Ghost Mackenzie Zac Shanda
18 Hong Mary Ann Amador Tyani
19 Jackie Naomi April
20 Jamie Seány Ashley
21 Joey Shanda Ghost
22 Jonas Tyani Mary Ann
23 Lilia Zac Seány
24 Mackenzie Carol Gena
25 Mary Ann Chet
26 Mellisa Hong
27 Michelle Jackie
28 Naomi Jonas
29 Patrick Lilia
30 Seány Mellisa
31 Shanda Michelle
32 Tyani Patrick
33 William William
34 Zac
35 Adrienne
36 Airrick
37 David
38 Lauren
  • Contestants are arranged alphabetically.
  • Red means The contestant was eliminated.
  • Orange means The contestant won a date with Billy.
  • Magenta means The contestant won a date with Billy, but was eliminated.
  • Purple means The contestant left of his/her own accord.
  • Pink means The contestant is Billy's wife.
  • Dark green means The contestant is one of Billy's ex's.
  • Blue means The contestant was brought back into the competition.
  • Light green means The contestant won the competition.
  • Episodes with a * contained no eliminations or amulets handed out.
  • In Episode 15, Naomi was crowned the winner. But after Billy awarded her the final amulet, she broke his heart by admitting to the fact that the whole competition was just for her to get camera time. She never had any true feelings for Billy.

Contestants in season 1 appeared in the following shows

Contestant Other Shows Competed In Placement

Season 2

As a twist, Billy has brought back 2 people from the First Season. Patrick Fanza and Chancitie Lee. In the series fourth episode, Naomi Jackson and Andy Portelli from Season 1 wanted to make the competition better by adding their best friends (with the exception of Harvey Lavichio who is Andy's Brother) who each secretly had a crush on Billy.

Billy's callout order
# Contestants Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 *Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8 Ep 9 Ep 10 Ep 11 Ep 12 Ep 13 Ep 14 Ep 15 Ep 16
1 Akim Akim Akim Akim Akim Patrick Chancitie Chancitie Stone Stone Molly Harvey Jean-Marc Stone Harvey Stone Stone
2 Alex Arianna Arianna Blue Blue Jean-Marc Jean-Marc Jessica B. Y'zell Chancitie Stone Chancitie Molly Harvey Stone Molly Molly
3 Arianna Blue Blue Brittney Brittney Chancitie Jessica B. Harvey Patrick Harvey Chancitie Stone Harvey Chancitie Molly Harvey
4 Blue Brittney Brittney Chancitie Chancitie Stone Stone Jean-Marc Chancitie Kallie Y'zell Jean-Marc Stone Molly Chancitie
5 Brinae Carol Chancitie David David Jessica B. Akim Patrick Harvey Jean-Marc Harvey Molly Chancitie Jean-Marc
6 Brittney Dalilah David Jean-Marc Harvey Akim Blue Kallie Mary Y'zell Patrick Y'zell Y'zell
7 Carol David Feroza Jessica B. Jean-Marc Luke Patrick Mary Molly Molly Jean-Marc Patrick
8 Chad Drew Gary Jessica R. Jessica B. Y'zell Mary Molly Kallie Patrick Kallie
9 Cheyenne Faith Jerry Kirsty Jessica R. Mary Molly Stone Jean-Marc Mary
10 Chuck Feroza Jean-Marc Marcel Kallie Molly Stephanie Y'zell Jessica B.
11 Dalilah Frankie Jessica B. Mary Kirsty Stephanie Kallie Blue Blue
12 David Gary Jessica R. Molly Luke Blue Y'zell Akim
13 Drew Harry Keven Patrick Marcel Kallie Harvey Stephanie
14 Elianna Jerry Kirsty Stone Mary Jessica R. Jessica R.
15 Eric Jean-Marc Marcel Y'zell Molly Harvey Luke
16 Faith Jessica B. Mary Arianna Patrick Brittney
17 Feroza Jessica R. Molly Feroza Stephanie David
18 Frankie Keven Patrick Gary Stone Kirsty
19 Gary Kirsty Stone Jerry Y'zell Marcel
20 Harry Marcel Y'zell Keven
21 Hector Mary Carol
22 Ivan Molly Dalilah
23 Jerry Natalie Drew
24 Jean-Marc Robert Faith
25 Jessica B. Stone Frankie
26 Jessica R. Y'zell Harry
27 Joanna Chancitie Natalie
28 Keven Patrick Robert
29 Kirsty Alex
30 Marcel Brinae
31 Mary Cheyenne
32 Molly Chuck
33 Natalie Elianna
34 Nelly Eric
35 Robert Hector
36 Sheryl Ivan
37 Stone Joanna
38 Y'zell Nelly
39 Chancitie Sheryl
40 Patrick Chad
41 Harvey
42 Kallie
43 Luke
44 Stephanie

  • Contestants are arranged alphabetically in episodes 1-4. Further episodes, contestants are arranged by the order they were given an amulet.
  • Episodes with a * Contained no amulets handed out or eliminations.
  • In Episode 1, Chancitie and Patrick not only won dates but they could not be eliminated.
  • Red means The contestant was eliminated.
  • Orange means The contestant won a date with Billy.
  • Magenta means The contestant won a date with Billy, but was eliminated.
  • Purple mans The contestant left of his/her own accord.
  • Gold means The contestant was disqualified for violence.
  • Dark green means The contestant is from the first season.
  • Light blue means The contestant is a friend of Andy or Naomi from the first season.
  • Light Green means The contestant won the competition.

Contestants in season two appeared in the following.

Contestant Other Shows Competed In Placement